Caramia Caramels Wins 2016 AFMA Marketing Award!

Last night Caramia Caramels traveled to Olds Alberta to attend the Alberta Farmers' Market Association (AFMA) Conference and Awards Dinner and took home the 2016 AFMA Marketing Award! 

Here was the nomination speech: 

Caramia Caramels is being nominated for the Marketing Award because of their well-rounded use of social media channels, innovative content generation and effective use of crowd-funding through Kickstarter. Their perseverance and drive for continued improvement has allowed them to fearlessly experiment with new marketing tools and catch the attention of many! All of their marketing is exclusively produced in-house.

There is no budget for traditional marketing and advertising at Caramia Caramels. Instead, they brought themselves online to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where they have started a fan base of followers. What makes their social media approach unique is that they interact and converse with their followers every single day. All social media content is made in house and in cross-collaborations.

Caramia Caramels frequently collaborates with other small shop owners to host giveaways and cross-collaborations in designing products. Cross branding has allowed Caramia to direct other engaged followers to their page and increase followership by 100-150 new followers on average.

Caramia Caramels’ primary goal of social media is not to sell their products, but to tell their brand story and give their fans a glimpse of their every day caramel adventures. That these stories drive many caramel connoisseurs to the market in search of delicious caramels is just a bonus!

After the sisters both quit their jobs, they knew they had to scale their production up in order to make it worth their while. They travelled all the way to Chicago to source their dream candy cooker, a machine that allowed them to cook 3x more than they could cook on a stovetop. This machine costed $13,000 and the sisters decided to turn to the popular crowd-funding Kickstarter community to help fund their machine.

The sisters created the entire campaign themselves and Tammy’s husband to help shoot and edit their campaign video. They went live on October 26, 2016. Two weeks leading up to the launch date, they reached out to news outlets, radio personalities, and food bloggers to announce their big launch date and asked if anyone would like to interview them, or do a food review.

Not only did they get a live cooking segment on CTV Morning News with Jordan Hertner, but they were featured in Vue Weekly, the Edmonton Examiner, the Tomato Food and Drink, and second article in the Edmonton Journal!

Kickstarter awarded Caramia Caramels the highly coveted, “Projects We Love” badge and Caramia Caramels reached their funding goal in one week. They finished their campaign with $22,960 CAD raised, making it in the top 5 Canadian Small Batch Category on Kickstarter.

Thank you so much for this memorable evening. We couldn't be more proud to live and serve such an amazing community. We can't wait for all the adventures 2017 has to bring!

xo, Tammy and Alysia Lok 


Caramia Caramels