Tammy Lok: Following Our Caramel Dreams

I've been a new home sales consultant for 6 years. It's been such an interesting career and I am so grateful being able to meet and connect with so many people who are so passionate and gifted at their craft. While I loved the people, I have always known I wasn't in love with my job though. But I mean, who is in love with their job? 

When Caramia came to us, it was like a sign. Alysia and I started cooking caramels together and we had so much fun. Everyday we had new ideas that solved yesterday's caramel challenges. As Caramia started taking shape, it started to demand more and more of my time, and I was soon working 16 hour days or more. I was exhausted, but also so happy and exhilerated. 

And with that, I was faced with a difficult decision. I could stay at my day job and that would offer the comfortable and the familiar. And Caramia would stay a side thing, to eventually fizzle out and erode away by everyday life.

Or I could take that plunge, venture into the unknown and be uncomfortable. It could be scary and it would definitely be more difficult. But in exchange, I would get to pursue something wonderful. As time went on, it was clear what my decision was.


I finished my last day at my job today. And tomorrow, I'm off to pursue my caramel dreams.

Photo Credit: Cavan Mok 

Caramia Caramels